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About us

A vision for farm management

The story of who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of agronomists, developers and customer support staff from various agricultural backgrounds who come to work every day aiming to improve the world of agriculture.

What We Do

We build Collaborative Farming Solutions that go beyond farm management and work on your iPad, iPhone and the web to simplify your farming experience and give you full control of your farm, wherever you are.

Why We Do It

We put farmers and agronomists first, they are our heart and our core. If they can strengthen their businesses sustainably and profitably, the rest of the world will benefit enormously.

Where We Do It

We have offices all around the globe which provide support for New Zealand, Australia and the USA.


Our Story

In February 2008, Doug Fitch and Chris Ramsey began discussions on the idea for Agworld, a platform for farmers and suppliers in the agriculture industry to connect and share data.

They spent many hours researching how this type of model could work in Australia's agricultural industry and how they could empower the farmer with financial and operational information delivered back to the farm gate. Once Fitch and Ramsey had a basic model of the Agworld business they knew they required a software developer who had both commercial and technical competence.

Fitch contacted Matthew Powell and their first meeting was held in August 2008. Powell introduced Fitch and Ramsey to the digital pen technology at that first meeting. The three agreed that the inclusion of the digital pen technology would begin to solve the industry problem of capturing mobile data in field to support farm management decisions. By April 2009 the initial database-oriented model was up and running and new information was being added and tested daily. Between May and December 2009 the product was trialled with some innovative farmers and agronomists throughout the Western Australian wheat belt. Agworld was launched on the 8th of December 2009.

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