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Pricing for Farmers

Free Farmer

$0 / user / year

Suited for users who only need to view account information. Free Farmer allows you to keep your maps up to date, record your rainfall, view recommendations and access the Tank Mix Calculator.

Farmer Mobile

$828 / user / year Most Popular

The every day farmer: everything you need to keep track of your farm. Start recording your agronomic, financial and operational records on one platform. Gain insights into your farm performance and manage risks through comprehensive farm reports, all in a few clicks. Farmer Mobile is the entryway into smarter farming!

Farmer Plus

$1104 / user / year

The forward thinking farmer: everything in Farmer Mobile, plus access to Agworld’s powerful planning tool. Farmer Plus gives you the full suite of Agworld’s features. Everything you need to make proactive, informed agronomic and financial decisions for your current and future seasons.

Farm Staff

$312 / per additional user / year

Everyone in one place: get your entire team on board and ensure everyone’s up to speed with the plan. Manage your staff by assigning them jobs and have them record their daily activities and observations. You also get the ability to limit their visibility on company finances.

Compare the plans

Feature Free Farmer Farm
Farmer Mobile Farmer Plus
Create digital maps of your farm
Access your farm information on the web, iPad and iPhone
Access to the Agworld Library: Over 14,000 labels, MSDS and research documents
Record your rainfall
Share your rainfall with neighbours and view other shared rainfall from growers in your area or local BOM stations
View season plans created by your agronomist
View recommendations created by your agronomist
Tank mix calculator tool
Keep agronomic, financial and operational records
Create paddock notes and observations
Create and assign work orders to farm staff and external applicators
Upload documents
Report on agronomic, financial & compliance data configurable
Create scouting observations
Access the Agworld API for integrations with other systems (e.g Figured Accouting)
Create comprehensive crop plans
Create season budgets & financial forecasts

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Agworld

A simple, powerful farm information management system that reinforces collaboration between Farmers and Agronomists to help them get the job done and make the best decisions for their business.

How can I access Agworld?

You can access Agworld on your computer via the web browser or through our iPad and iPhone apps available on the Apple App Store.

How safe is my data with Agworld?

This is our highest priority, so we use multiple levels of security to protect, encrypt and provide multiple backups of your data.

What type of farming is Agworld applicable to?

Agworld is currently focused on crop production of all types, including pastures.

What does online/offline mean?

Online/offline simply means our apps will work even when outside of internet coverage. Anything you do while offline will sync the next time you are online.

Can I export my data?

Yes. Just click on any of the export buttons to download your information for use with your accounting and machinery software.

Do I have to pay for app updates?

Absolutely not. You always get the latest version of Agworld for free from the App Store.

Do I have to pay for anything during my 7-day trial?

No. Not at all. We don’t even ask for your credit card details.

How many people are on Agworld?

We currently have over 25,000 registered users on Agworld, a figure which is rapidly growing.


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