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Scan and you’re done. Agworld Sampling is the most efficient way to collect your samples without a predefined a path or writing on bags. Simply scan the barcode and the system does the rest.

See when your fields were last sampled and schedule new sampling jobs in one system. Samples taken are sent to the labs, processed and ready for you to write your variable and flat rate recommendations.

Your results will be viewable in the Agworld app once available.



Pick up where sampling left off. Agworld removes the inefficiencies of your precision and lets you service as many growers as you like.

ExpressRx enables Advisors to take the order from the grower, create a sampling job, select from formula templates by your Precision Data Specialists and create prescriptions in one go. Take the knowledge from your PDS and put it in the hands of your other capable employees.

Once lab results come in, they are turned into prescriptions ready for you to adjust or create into reports. Agworld offers yield data cleaning services and allows you to use your custom, drone, satellite or fixed wing imagery.


Planning and Budgeting

Work with your growers to create seed and nutrition plans, budgets and recommendations for every job within the season. Take the guesswork out of decision making by accessing all your relevant information from one source.

Write your recommendations in record time using templates which can be shared with your colleagues and branches to speed up work for everyone. Plans can be converted to jobs, with approvals via PDF or Agworld's apps, allowing work orders to be scheduled and applied efficiently and in record time.


Scheduling and Custom Application

Keep track of your sampling, plans, recommendations and work orders to make your operations manager’s life a lot easier.

Powerful filters show the current status of any job for any grower, while ops managers can schedule work orders across all branches and see where the jobs are, what assets are used and which employees are responsible.

Print your work orders, send controller files via Slingshot or copy them from the Applicator’s iPad onto a Sandisk iXpand drive to transfer them to your machinery.


Record Keeping and Workflow

On Agworld, your records practically write themselves, in real time, in the field. Activity Templates speed up common recommendations or product selections which you can then refine to meet the specific field’s needs.

Check your rates and access your labels and MSDS so you can verify information and write your legally compliant recommendations confidently, improving your clients' productivity and profitability, even while you're out of network coverage.

Collaborate and work in unison with your grower through Agworld’s communication tools that improve visibility between you and your clients.



Flexible, simple and efficient farm scouting, from setup to reporting. Whether you’re doing trials or just ad-hoc observations, the Scout on iPad and iPhone helps you collect photos, comments, counts or any data in the simplest form possible.

Fully customise your scouting forms with pictures and instructions so that your scouts can easily understand what to look for in-field, no matter their level of experience. Export your results into your favourite tool to create insights and recommendations about crop health and problem management.


Enterprise and Integration

While everyone is busy building their own, we collaborate with the best. Agworld’s open platform is built from the ground up to connect not only the industry, but your key partners, ERP systems, billing and invoicing platforms, laboratories and other developer APIs.

Whether you’re a small company or a large retailer, Agworld scales to accommodate your needs.


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