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Work as One with Your Farm Staff


Now is the perfect time to add your farm staff to Agworld and truly collaborate with your entire team. Adding your farm staff to Agworld with a Farm Staff subscription allows:

Full Connectivity

A Farm Staff add-on connects your farm staff to your existing Agworld account, allowing your team to work as one. Your farm staff get their own account so they can log in on their device and have access to mapping, jobs and library features. Now you can assign jobs to your staff knowing that you'll be able to identify who has done what around your farm and when!

Full Control

Set the level of privacy and information your farm staff can see. Limit their visibility to sensitive information like business financials and company details but give them access to jobs, maps and MSDS to let them do their job. You get full control!

Full Visibility

A Farm Staff add-on gives you full visibility of who completed a task and which recommendations have been completed as actuals. All this information is saved and then synced to your Agworld account. No more missing paperwork!

Add farm staff to your Agworld account to start assigning and monitoring jobs.


Farm Staff add-ons require an active Farmer Mobile or Farmer Plus subscription.

Want to find out more about Farm Staff subscriptions? Call +64 7 282 0407 or email