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Creating activities is now even faster on the web


Creating activities has a fresh new look. Taking design cues from our popular iPad app, we've rebuilt our website activity creation screen from the ground up and added a number of highly requested features such as smarter re-entry period and water rate defaults. In addition, we've put recently used products and templates at your fingertips for faster activity creation.


What's new?

  • See a list of your recently used inputs when creating your activities

  • When creating a new activity from a template, we keep your recently used templates at the top

  • You can now filter your inputs list to only show the ones from your price list

  • Your rainfast and re-entry periods now default to hours

  • Better support for activities where water rate is not required

Click here to log in and try the new activity form on the web.

We understand that you may be in the middle of your season and may not want to make the switch right now. We’ve included a feature toggle to allow you to temporarily go back and use the form you’re familiar with. Click on the star next to your name and account settings to switch between the two forms.