Tank Mix Calculator Plus More

Tank Mix Calculator Get your spraying jobs done without the need for manual tank calculations. The new tank mix calculator shows you all the information you need to get your tank mix right, down to the last drop. Based on your actual tank size, the calculator works out the total amount of product required, exactly how much of the product you need to use per tank, the exact water rate and how many tanks you would need to complete the job.

Multiple Operators & Assets Know exactly which of your staff and assets are required to complete a job. Use the multi-select tool to assign jobs to one or more of your farm staff for an accurate way of knowing who is responsible. Multiple assets can also be assigned to a specific job to tell your farm staff which equipment to use to complete the task. 

Extra Tip: You can now change the opacity of your mapped fields so that you can view more (or less) detail of that field's satellite imagery. Customize your fields from 0% (fully transparent) to 100% (fully opaque).