Take a look at Rainfall

Introducing your region’s new rainfall map

Record, Review and Share rainfall readings for free on your iPad or iPhone.

Rain is a necessity for your farm's success. NOAA records are helpful but don’t always accurately reflect what fell on your farm.

To reduce your headache, we’ve reimagined rainfall recording.

Now, you can create a map where both farmers’ and NOAA’s rainfall records come together, to show where rain fell in your local area.

It’s completely free for farmers and their staff, to record their own rainfall.

As well as sharing it with those around them. This will enable farmers and their Agronomists to respond to rainfall events without having to check gauges miles away.


Want to see how much rain fell across your region?

1. Simply update or download Agworld for iPad or iPhone,

2. Tap Rainfall in the Agworld menu,

3. Opt-in to sharing your own rainfall by swiping “Share your readings.”  

By opting-in, your Agronomist will be able to review your rainfall the moment you record it.