Express Rx - Precision software that changes everything.


What is Express Rx? 

Agworld’s Express Rx is a precision solution which will redefine how you think about precision software and revolutionize your corporate precision offering. Express Rx integrates every step of your precision offering from organizing soil samples to generating professional reports - all into one easy-to-use interface.

Express Rx has been designed to enable field staff to quickly create professional precision reports without the need for precision software specialists to drive each step of the process.  This means that precision fertilizer plans can be created with more speed and efficiency than you ever thought possible.

Simply put, the advisor takes the requirements up front and applies the appropriate template, and Agworld's platform automatically generates the custom prescription - sending the advisor a map book to provide to the grower.

Batch Create Soil Sampling Jobs

Keep track of which fields are part of your variable rate program and when they were last sampled with Express Rx. With only a few clicks, you can see which fields are due for sampling and schedule the sample jobs that you want to get done. 

Centralize Control with Precision Templates

Precision Specialists can now create unique sets of precision formula templates, each with their own set of defaults and and a helpful description of when each should be used. Field staff simply need to pick the fields and the template to create a set of precision prescriptions on the latest soil data - thus giving you full centralized control. 

Make Adjustments to Existing Prescriptions

Field staff can now make their own adjustments to existing prescriptions without the all the paper shuffle of the current system. Batch-adjust prescriptions to satisfy the client's budgeting or cropping needs on the go - saving you time by avoiding the lengthy back and forth process!

Immediate Soil Test Results

Queue your precision templates even if you are still waiting for soil sample results! Schedule your sample job, apply the precision template and Express Rx will do the rest - even email you when your prescriptions are ready to send to your client - giving you more control on how you use your time.