Better Map Printing

Print your fields with accuracy!


With feature release 4.46 - Better Map Printing, you can now print the sections of your farm that you want. 

These changes pave the way for a few additional improvements to the way we print maps so keep an eye out for more updates. 

Here's the quick overview:

  • Pop-up window to print multiple sections of your farm at once 
  • Select your paper size 
  • Center your fields and print 

Take a look at the steps below & comment if you have any questions. 

Step 1

In the Maps section, go to the map that you want to print, find the desired sections, & click the Print icon. 


Step 2

In the Print Window, select your Paper Size, and then move your map around to the sections you want. Here you will have better control over how far Zoomed in or out, you want to be. 


Step 3

Click on the Print button, & you're done!