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Recording Harvest

The key to benchmarking and understanding your profitability

A year’s worth of hard work and planning comes down to a successful harvest. It’s what you worked for all year and one of the key measures of the effectiveness of your agronomic and operational strategies. What worked, what didn’t and what do we need to fix for next year all come into focus when you are able to view the full picture.

When the last load comes off the paddock and the machinery is all cleaned down and put away, it’s time to translate what was learned this year into tangible benefits for next year.

It’s always easier to evaluate information when it’s all in the one spot which is why we’ve invested in making it even easier to record harvest information in Agworld. Harvest records are built right into Agworld’s workflow are available on the iPad, iPhone apps and website.

Agworld has you covered whether you want to record each load as it comes off the paddock or enter a summary of your entire crop harvest in a few activities. We’ve also made sure it’s very quick to enter previous seasons’ yields so you can start to build a picture of trends over time for crops, varieties and paddocks.

Farming isn't just about chasing yield, it's about understanding your entire system, and building programs that increase your profitibality and sustainability. This is why your harvest information is even more valuable to you when it can be easily combined with your other Agworld information such as your rainfall records, soil test results and paddock application details. It also means that we can immediately deliver more meaningful insights without the need to spend too much time crunching the numbers.

Agworld’s Paddock insight’s feature together with our Farm Performance reports will give you the full picture of the season’s performance whether you’re in the paddock or back in the office.

Update your apps now to get access to the improved harvest feature and start getting the full picture of the farm’s performance.