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Agworld Sampling

Agworld Sampling simplifies your company’s sampling workflow by integrating the job creation, soil collection, lab submission and results into one easy to use platform.

Whether you’re pulling a few cores or spending the day in the heat and flies, soil sampling is unlikely to make it onto your list of favourite jobs to do on the farm. Although that’s unlikely to change, we’re excited to announce that we’ve just made the soil sampling process a whole lot easier.

Our seamless soil collection solution and lab integration will deliver a fast, paperless workflow that will modernise your corporate soil sampling offering.

It all starts on the Agworld website, where sample collection jobs can be created and assigned to a soil sampler. You can assign soil samples to be collected by anyone in your company, third party soil collecting companies or even assign it to someone on the farm.  

When creating your sample jobs, you can easily set the exact spots where you want the samples to be taken. If you’ve sampled the paddock in the past, we’ll automatically add the previous points to the new sample job making it simple to get back to the same spot each year.


Once the soil sampling job has been created, it will automatically appear on the assigned soil sampler’s iPad app. Armed with the Agworld Sampling app, the sampler will have all the information they need to get to the right spot, take the sample and send it off to the lab.


The Agworld Sampling app is designed to be simple, intuitive and focuses on doing a couple of things really well:

  • Getting the sampler to the right spot
  • Making the sample collection process as easy as possible

The assigned sampler will be guided to the sample site to collect the samples and submit them to the lab without the need for any additional records or paperwork.

Agworld’s integration with your soil testing lab means that they now know everything they need to know about the sample. They will analyse the sample and deliver results directly back into your Agworld account. This streamlined workflow gets your results to you in the most efficient way possible. 

The best part is that if you’ve already got an Agronomist Plus subscription, you have full access to the soil sampling workflow at no extra cost. There are no additional subscription or per use fees so there’s no reason not to give Agworld Sampling a try.

Agworld Sampling is included as part of every Agronomist Plus subscription and can be accessed via the Agworld website. More information on the Agronomist Plus subscription can be found on our pricing page.

The Agworld Sampling app is used when collecting and submitting soil samples. It can be downloaded for free on the iTunes store and can be accessed with an Agworld account. 

For more information on how to use our sampling solution, including the Agworld Sampling app, please refer to the Agworld Sampling support page.